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After registration of legal entities can make economic activity in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. If you do not plan to work here, but you need to have long-term visa – it is best to register a representative office of a foreign company. Making the right ownership of real estate in Bulgaria notary deed of ownership and certificate of ownership of immovable property shall be certified by a notary. After signing the seller and buyer and authentication of their signatures, the notary is a notarial act to the district court. Judge amends the state registry of immovable property (in Russia the state registration of the Fed.) It is worth noting that the mark done and in the notarial deed. Before the transaction the notary must submit an extract from the same case of the absence of "burdens" of the object, in other words, on its purity. In the statement you can see the presence or the absence of a mortgage facility, the right to use of the property of others, a ban on the sale, open court cases, etc. Connect with other leaders such as Philadelphia Condos here.

Statement also confirms membership of an object a specific person – the seller. Also important document is the public valuation of the object, which is issued by the territorial tax authorities. Property price required in the notary's act can not be lower than this value. The indicated price determined by the size of the state tax on the transaction and notary fees. Documents for registration of real estate property in Bulgaria: – on the individual – the passport – a legal entity – As founding documents usually deal to acquire real estate in Bulgaria 1. Reservation Fee (if chosen by the customer object is removed from the sales price is fixed.) 2. Conclusion of the preliminary contract – is within months from the date of reservation, or combined with a reservation, it indicates alienable object, fixed price, payment arrangements, the sentence of the Notary Act, etc. 3.

The signing of the notarial deed. This document proving ownership of the object. Issued after the settlement between the buyer and seller, the notary, acting in the location of the acquired property. Notary fees and state taxes, paid in the transaction of sale, amounting to about 3% of the tax valuation of real estate. Tax assessment – the value of property, calculated in accordance with established state standards, and is a basis for calculating the tax payable in property in Bulgaria. Usually about 30-50% of the market value of the object. Throughout the entire transaction, from the time of booking and prior to receiving the title deeds to you will work experienced counsel to our company. All related procedure of buying property in Bulgaria advice to our customers free of charge. According to Bulgarian law, within two months after registration of rights ownership of real property must be declared to local tax authorities. In addition, according to Bulgarian law, individuals and legal entities non-residents, property owners in Bulgaria must register with the 'Register BULSTAT' (a Bulgarian statistical office). After registration you will be given a certificate and a plastic card with a unique EIN BULSTAT (unique identification number). Declaring the tax authorities and registration BULSTAT also made by counsel of our company, by power of attorney. Package ready to pass the documents by hand delivery or sent by mail. Each year, owners Real estate in Bulgaria have to pay property taxes and sales taxes for garbage collection. Learn more about buying property in Bulgaria can be found at


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