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The fact of creating a panel to evaluate these proposals and to make known the concerns of the younger generation is a sense of optimism, fresh air, build muscle business, quality is essential to address the new challenges that a changing society needs to give coverage to new generations each year should be incorporated into the workplace. And in the heat of these new ideas and as partners of the same, emerging, as we have discussed other areas of support, provided infrastructure for the new project. The location, office rent a "loft during duration of the implementation of the project. These spaces have the advantage of being in business parks, where the development of these new projects is the breeding ground for success. Therefore invest in research and technological development in order to adapt business models to the new challenges of the global economy and be better equipped to develop new products or services and sell them. To facilitate its work the new geniuses and all collateral tasks to your project makes perfect sense and can be described as indispensable help create friendly environment, easily accessible and close to the headquarters, as can be found on these Lofts converted into offices, to foster innovation (our pending) must protect intellectual property and support entrepreneurs. We support initiatives, measures enabling the central government, regional and local governments that fan the sensitivity of companies and individuals to create new models of production, which will be key to maintain a sustainable development and progressive growth. The new company, the new social and economic times, not be understood without deep changes, without structural changes and these changes will come from new ideas of their capability and strength to realize their INNOVATIVE NEW PROPOSAL. ENTREPRENEUR, you LEVER and government authorities and business will provide you the support points. Among all the forces will move the Earth, towards sustainable progress. Jesus Fernandez Navamuel – – Klein and Andre – Andre Klein Internet Marketing Consultant, Internet Marketing Consultant – Web:


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