Commission Services

Another innovation will be a limit penalties for borrowers whose debt to the banks during the year increased by 2-3 times. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Elie Rieder. This rule will be indicated in the law thanks to several hundreds of trials, which, in accordance with the Civil Code limited the amount of the claims of the bank loan amount and exclude accrued on the principle of compound interest penalties and fines. By logic must be removed is sometimes used for the repayment of the loan committee, since the essence of loan product provides for the payment of credit and, accordingly, the costs associated with payment should be included in the rate of interest. And what exactly will the commission? Exactly the law can not prohibit banks charge a fee for withdrawing cash, because this service is included in the classic range of banking services and can not be free. At the same time borrowers are entitled to seek equitable fee for cash withdrawals on credit products in the same amount as the purchase of other banking services. Obviously, the Commission will remain for the transfer of funds to an account in other bank or the buyer, such as mortgages. It also runs the logic of a standard set of banking services. Very likely that will continue, and a number of banks will be – the fee for application review. This is due to fact that the bank holds a certain amount of work in processing the application and sufficiently large part of them "swing". The costs for consideration (ie payment of experts, data validation, and so on), banks are enormous.


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