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There are however service in Germany Unna, January 16, 2008. The new service portal for holiday apartments and homes went online on January 15, 2008. The name is also equal to motto: just Who has ever booked holiday apartments, holiday homes or apartments, know how often it to the so-called request Marathon”is. The requestor must manage parallel various notes, information and reminder to his matching offers. This will not be there with us, so Jurgen Golda as operator of the portal”.

During the year-long development time of the portal was the topic service respectively in the first place. From point of view of the lessee, it means that you can search very specifically and receives filtered information, from which you can then selectively choose. “The flood of information must be contained and thus easier” to see through. To an object found, you can see detailed information with simple mouse clicks or online request directly with the landlord. Everything is resolved, one can directly Booking request be made which fills the availability calendar now also. Through these services, we offer a really simple and yet transparent process of booking for both sides so Jurgen Golda. By the way: for tenants, the service is completely free of charge.

The same applies to owners of course: it must be easy. Our target for the development of it was, that a landlord Max 10 minutes needed to have its offer online, so the owner Jurgen Golda.” The survey in advance has brought some wishes the development with the landlords were implemented immediately. For example, objects in the portal can be managed by more than one person. All have direct access to the information over the Internet. Of course also the Web site of the landlord is linked, because there’s a lot of work involved, can be ignored in any case. During the start-up phase, there is an action package for landlords to help you get started.


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