Control Systems

The control system performs control functions on specific programs, providing in advance the actions to be taken in any production situation. A person remains a common control and intervention in cases where unforeseen circumstances the control algorithms. Others who may share this opinion include Gavin Baker. Control systems have several varieties. Supervisory control system. acs, which operates in mode, supervisory control is designed to provide multi-program mode of operation of computers and is a two-level hierarchical system that has many features and increased reliability. The control program determines the evidence of the programs and routines, and direct downloading computer devices. Direct digital control system. Computer directly generates optimal control exposure and using appropriate transducers transmit control commands to actuators. Mode of direct digital control allows for more efficient regulation principles and control and choose their best option; implement optimizing function and adaptation to environmental variables and parameters of the control object, reduce maintenance costs and unify control and management.


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