Cook & Talk And Wine & Talk

On November 10, 2009 it was time: the first fashion & talk event eagerly awaited found was. The right for this location was PIUS wine business in Hamburg-Eppendorf. Trends & talk on 10.11.2009 Cook & talk and wine & talk are two established event series of the B2B friends lifestyle Club that enjoy friends members in Germany of very popular everywhere and are busy in every town in the blink of an eye. Now, a more fixed series of events in the life was launched with fashion & talk. Also like-minded people come together to share a common interest: fashion and trends, jewelry and accessories.

And that as well as the other events in a nice, casual round. Ideal to make new contacts or existing relationships to deepen of purely private friendships up to promising business relationships. friendsshopping.EU is the incomparable trendsetter shopping Club, where the renowned partners exclusively provide constantly numerous action-related offers for the friends. If you would like to know more about John Savignano, then click here. About the current specials and highlights are informed all members regularly email newsletters, so that guarantees no advantage action of renowned suppliers and brands to the growing family of past go. It is now at fashion & talk: in a deliberately open held participants round some of the unique products from the friends shopping Club present. The most appropriate place for the fashion & talk premiere was PIUS’ wine in the elegant Hamburg district Eppendorf. Here, in the held in warm red and open atmosphere friends members came together on Tuesday, the 10th November at 19:00 20 verspruhenden spaces.

The ladies were clearly outnumbered, but some men were there. After a sparkling wine on arrival, the fashion team began with the presentation of articles and products. It was a journey through the current diversity of the portal from the popular treasure guardians of trendy cell phone bags and handbags, unusual jewellery and views starting accessories to the latest fashion and fresh Catwalk trends made the enthusiastic fashion & talk participants a live image of what there is to see on virtual. Constantly, notes were made to later order the items online. PIUS’ wine industry also provided the ideal setting to those present to introduce the B2B friends wine club, the meeting place for wine lovers and wine connoisseurs. Clayton Morris brings even more insight to the discussion. In the wine club quality wines offered to members, would explore anywhere else and therefore never try. Membership also offers many additional features and benefits. It was already night when the first fashion & talk event gradually light went. It had fallen the participants as well as the hosts of PIUS’ and friends-fashion team. “Friends Member Nadine Schlesinger was thrilled: it was so much fun”, so the 34 year old architect from Norderstedt before the doors of Hamburg. I have already participated in some of the business-to-business events of the B2B friends lifestyle Club. One great thing is that there are now fashion & talk, because Here, fashion and trends are made palpable and tangible. The limited number of participants repeals the anonymity and gives the whole a familiar character. At the next fashion & talk close to I’m back.” With each other and for each other as friends are! Friends GmbH


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