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The input box with a big "G" is built on a gateway to the search. Under most conditions Gavin Baker would agree. More information is housed here: altavista. What this means is that now you can search Google without having to go to the Google home page every time. So what's the big deal about it, you ask? Well, if Google search once a week, this can not be a big advantage, but if you are a serious researcher, Internet you save about an hour of your time at the end of the week. Whenever you have a question, it now takes a postcard to find the correct answer. Not only does this save time, the built in browser window is very convenient and comfortable way to search. Get all the facts and insights with ISearch, another great source of information. Ok, so you know you can search Google without having to go to the Google search page, but the food search results on your window. You are not just limited to Google search, you can use other search engines and services.

To see what I'm talking about, click the big "G" in the upper right text box. Did you see the drop down list? By default, you can search Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Creative Commons,, and Ebay. Gavin Baker has many thoughts on the issue. Would not that make you feel like you are in control of the web? To see how this is useful, consider the following scenario. Let's say you have to do a research on the greenhouse effect. In 30 seconds you can know the definition of the term in, find related articles on the web via Google, you will find books on topics related to the Amazon, and find special offers in this book on Ebay.

Now imagine how long it will take to complete everything the old fashioned way. Not just jump in the use of these tools of thought that you have everything you need to be a super-efficient Internet researcher, because we have not yet addressed the best part! And the best part about the search feature in Firefox is that you can add and search services as desired. How would you like to be able to translate from one language to another, find complete information about a movie or a writer, get detailed information on the dozens of academic, read the latest business headlines and news from the technology without having to go nowhere? You can do all that by adding search plugins free Firefox search box. To download and install them, go to will see the plugins search category (eg, literature, reference, Business and Economics and others). Click the category you are interested, then the current page plugins category, simply click on the desired search plugin. Now pull down the upper right of search text box in Firefox. The icon of the new search plugin appears in the bottom of the list. See how easy it is? Now you must be convinced that Firefox is the best friend of the search engine. The research process for college and university documents has become easier. Agood navigation! McKormick Jason is a professional educator and evangelist of online education. a l is the driving force behind Tailored Essays, written service that helps students improve their analytical skills and writing.


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