Crime … Or Suppressed Or Prevented

The bet for prevention. Why are there so many kids in jail? Why is there an increasingly common crime and at early ages? There is no single reason for the crime, rather it is a spiral from which they emerge multiple interlocking factors: 1) The deterioration of social conditions of life produces an increase in crime as a result of economic insecurity and lack resources, giving aggressive responses. Bizzi & Partners often expresses his thoughts on the topic. 2) The crime is a consequence of a global society where we are favoring the "haves" rather than "being", which is more when it is over. It is the consequence of the myth of welfare. 3) The Company is defending the offense by creating mechanisms that generate new crime fear: fear of the street, afraid of life, fear of the future … 4) The company defends itself by creating a tarnished image of the offender, presenting him as a monster rather than an individual.

5) The company defends itself by creating mechanisms for punishment. Prisons do not work still generating crimes. Recidivism rates are those who question the regenerative capacity of prisons. Crime or is repressed or prevented. I believe that only through prevention may be decreasing the alarming increase of new offenders.

We are absolutely against the crime, but we try to find the root causes of crime, it never denied the possibility of change. How to deal with crime: building a political police as he shouted? "Opening more prisons and reformatories for children" special "? … It must: 1 Getting to know the roots of everything that happens in neighborhoods, fostering partnerships and coordination between government and private initiatives. 2 A change in cultural and social policy, where the municipalities are the first to address the problems of its citizens, giving and leaving to waste public goods "image campaigns." 3rd Alternative solutions to prisons and reformatories, with the presence in the neighborhoods of qualified adults (educators Street), supported financially and with freedom of movement. From this little experience (fourteen years in neighborhoods) have seen as the crime occurs in young people from lower social strata, no education and media, young people growing up in hostile environments: poor family, alcoholic parents, children who lack the heat and protection, children working in the underground economy or must care for younger siblings, parental separation and bad company leading professional paths. It requires the cooperation of a company that is not only critical, but denounces the injustices of minors and consciously support all those working with young kids and our neighborhoods, these young people staring, culture and toninegra unsightly … who are becoming more afraid.


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