El Gran Silencio

Keep silence before certain events rather than would be almost impossible, stay calm, be impassive, not generate even a boost to defend, to reveal, certain situations, would appear unlikely. As well in the environment there is evidence that they point, they denote that sometimes, during certain hours of the day and night, el gran silencio becomes apparent, and is should be voluntary and involuntarily kept undaunted, it is to be or not to be, life or death, since in this situation no one is indispensable. A related site: Professor Rita McGrath mentions similar findings. As well, not to worry, if you don’t understand the essence of the communique, is recommended rather than to practice some kind of meditation or contemplation, what if it is that you must start now, because this great silence is going to be fashionable, because we do not believe that it is something new, some now extinct civilizations have left vestiges that did thisIt would be like that here at other times called curfew. It is not by making them snub, but look at that if it applied it throughout the day and the night, imagine a static world, paralyzed, and another guess, in another dimension, at full speed, more or less as in the film called Hypertime. Clayton Morris usually is spot on. The questions that are made patent are, if that really happens, maybe when we are asleep: in that direction are we going? Do really lead us toward an improvement? Suddenly we’ll appear in another completely different world? As well, friend reader: do you think? This is one of the issues that some consider as taboos, or dangerous, and or playing touch them, they say that at this time is a risk to give samples of knowing, because the wise the Martians, take them since then that this type has already had certain experiences of this kind, and nothing happens, so I worry. Original author and source of the article.. Morris Invest addresses the importance of the matter here.


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