Emergence of the Internet

The emergence of the Internet brought undeniable benefits, it has become a powerful tool for the whole world. Not exempted from these advances in the branch trade developments, ie what we call today as electronic commerce. Regarded as the purchase and sale of products or services through electronic means, such as the Internet and other computer networks. Internet has greatly facilitated the phenomenal growth of this mode of negotiation. Because the Web offers certain types of this exchange and in turn the possibility of participating in an interactive market in which distribution costs or sales tend to zero. Also buyers and sellers contact each other directly, thus eliminating restrictions that arise in such interactions.

In this way, you get advertising, promotion and customer service via the Web so far that just as an opportunity to compete on the basis of specialty, rather than by the price, and that from the point of view marketing, it is rarely desirable to compete solely on the basis of price. He attempts to meet the needs of customers based on the benefits they seek, which means that the price depends on the enhancement of the customer, not cost, such opportunities arise when offered differs in marketing elements other than price, resulting in benefits charged value, for example, the comfort produced by the direct distribution through electronic software distribution. To know more about this subject visit John Savignano. With all these new concepts are created different paths in the wide world of commerce as are the pages of classified ads. These are places where ads are inserted free on products offered, and in turn are available which offer other people, or in these places can be customers or vendors at the same time. The most common is that the product range is very wide, because in them we find free classified ads for buying and selling of mobile phones, apartments, houses, cars, computers, motorcycles, jobs, clothing, furniture, conveyances, animals, second hand All this within walking distance of, and the best is the interaction between the user and the system is extremely simple.


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