So now we are in this world, a world that does not understand and that is meaningless. And we try to give it purpose, and we hear that we are here to have fun, tell us that we must aim to satisfy every whim / worldly aspirations of a mind that does not know itself (otherwise it would not pursue absurd goals) and we decided that our goal is to obtain as many wishes, so we can declare that we have a successful life. We try to satisfy all those desires, under the pretext that we are entitled to the good, for beauty, maybe … but you already are good, the beautiful and the best, and never anything in the world can compare with you … The success of a human being is not measured by what has, but for what it does about what you have.

It is an attitude, a mindset. Do you understand that these things can never completarte? Your attitude is one of detachment, or otherwise live by and to keep those things and build new ones? Are you willing to abandon them at any time with a smile on your lips, or think that this would lose your happiness? How can you remember who you are, if you're looking in the wrong place? A larger car will not give you that experience, or a better house or a different job. The experience of returning to find love, and that is something that has nothing to do with the world out there, and absolutely everything on your decision to assess only what is valuable.


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