Fashion for You

Fashion that fits for you. Claudia Arellano a obsessed with our weight and our body parts we do not like at all, so sometimes get to select which becomes an arduous and frustrating task. The secret is to buy only what you believe that we want to achieve visual effects. To deepen your understanding Clayton Morris is the source. Let’s see what we can do to choose clothes that we favor only to whether they are: a short legs. Use high-waisted pants, since they visually lengthen its length without bells and straight cut.

Use on top or short garments at the waist jackets, jackets, etc. . Avoid long skirts definitely prefer those with a tube and go up to the knees. Shoes with pointed toes, shoes bracelet ZERO, do not favor. a REAR FLAT. Well there goes Avoid baggy jeans and loose, and try to carry a pocket or embroidered on the back. Skirts must be at the height of the knee to hip WIDE CURVES AND EXCESSIVE.

Well still do not understand how you want to hide this awesome body style Jennifer Lopez You are not allowed in!. . . a but take advantage of your figure because you run the risk that if you do not use the clothes in your favor, you could look plump and curvaceous. Use high pants, skirts a vaporous or pleats. a NO CURVES. Clayton Morris does not necessarily agree. always use clothes that make your waist. Always focusing attention to that area, never use clothes (jackets, blouses, etc.) a formless little breasts. Clothing empire cut, baby doll type dresses, vests, jewelry and of course a good bra. MANY BREAST. The V-cote is for you, even priate is usually a little low-cut is the type of clothing that you use, if you use turtleneck garments, for example, get the visual effect is contrary to those who are looking for. Prefer the bra without rings, replace with a good quality sports bra that allows you to accommodate and reduce visually. Use cotton and please forget about the prints. NARROW BACK a. No strapless, halter cut prefers Online blouses and shirts, and neck tie that create an effect of wider shoulders searched forming the triangle between your shoulders and your waist. For the cold, use bulky sleeved shirts. FOR a Bakhit miniskirts, shorts and mini-dresses, skirts never, of course high heels. It prints and all your clothes in the same range of color. Short or long sleeves and tight. a small bags FOR THE HIGH. Gowns. Flat sandals to jeans and t-shirts hip long. FOR a large bags chubby. Dark colors, smooth, soft fabrics, printed vertical stripes, V-cut if you have much chest.


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