The best training is required as indispensable premise for success in the franchise. A qualification which undoubtedly provides the Master of mundoFranquiciaconsulting, the renowned Spanish consultant (http.// and that already celebrates its third edition. This Master is the most valid option for those who want to pursue or develop weight functions in a franchise, – as emphasized Socio Director General, its Director, and Mariano Alonso, the knowledge of teachers that shapes it and previous editions are the guarantee for it. With the students discover the keys to optimize the management of franchise chains and learn to apply the most appropriate for this type of business structures, operational adds. So things who have thought about getting into that formula or want to know identify the main characteristics and the dynamics of this system of business association, should not miss the opportunity to do so. The Master contributes to the evolution and improvement of the system of franchise in our country. Also has a program of practices guaranteed through an agreement with various high level companies, whose key objective is to ensure that, from the beginning, students approximate to the business reality and can go contrasting their learning with the real demand of companies, adds the director of the Master.

Finally point out that the Master of mundoFranquicia consulting has a job to facilitate the integration of students into the labour market and enhance their professional career: we have established collaboration agreements with a large number of companies from different sectors and also the Department offers guidance and advice customized to each student in human resources consultinglabour market, development of curriculum vitae, interviews of job, etc., says Alonso. So is the Master of mundoFranquicia consulting: date: November, 2010 to July 2011 teaching period: 8 months structure: 150 hours and 30 hours tutoring: Friday from 16: 00 to 22: 00 lectures from 16.00 h. to 17.00 h. Classes from 17.00 h to 22.00 h tutorials: Friday celebracion:sede central demundoFranquicia place consulting (Jose Echegaray, 8. Alvia III building. Las Rozas Business Park. 28230 Las Rozas.

Madrid) for further information or interviews management: Nuria Coronado Sopenasalvia Comunicaciondirectora of___Avda.


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