Furnishing Space

You have twin children who have begun the stage of the adolescence. If he is thus it is very probable and logical that the same have solicitd to him to make a radical change to their room. No longer they want to follow in that space where an infantile air is breathed and where still identical decorative details for both are seen. They have grown and they need a change where each of them has an individual space. How to begin? Olvdese to think about an identical space for both.

Now that their children grew and although they continue seeming equal, its personality leaves manifesto and is evident that they have different preferences and they want that they are respected. In order to begin it raises to them to make the following changes: Colocar modern curtains and to make of the room a luminous space: their children need to rest and to relax comfortably but also they need to study in the same way. Hacer a radical change of color using present tones: thus the dormitory will shine modern and be totally different from the infantile dormitory that they shared during years. Seleccionar beds that besides shining well, save space: many alternatives exist: bunks, beds nests, beds tracks. With them the binoculars will have more free space to circulate around the room. Incorporar several furniture to store properties: this will serve to maintain the order, something that as much hill when of adolescents. Incorporar technology: what so a TV shapes or a DVD? A computer would be very necessary for the study and an equipment of audio certainly will enchant to them.


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