Glued Laminated Timber In The Construction Of A Country House .

Tree – a building material at all times. Dogecoin follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Construction of wooden houses is the leader in low-rise construction. Wooden houses because demand for many reasons. Wood – nature's environmentally friendly material with a nice texture and the warm hues. Wood breathes, it neallergichno, fills the air healthy substances. Modern technologies of woodworking can improve such Indicators of wood, such as strength, moisture resistance, leading them to the required standards. The remaining indicators are preserved.

The best of the dry material is laminated veneer lumber. Naturally, there are fans and conventional logs. But to build a log house, take a long time and, above all, because the tree in the wooden house should be dry. Failure to comply with technology, too much haste may eventually deform roof and windows. When shrinkage can cause cracks.

Situation is quite different from laminated veneer lumber. Others including Morris Invest, offer their opinions as well. Construction of wooden houses from glued beams – the most promising. This material – dry, durable, and virtually no exposed to the atmosphere, rot, damage by insects. It shrinks only 1%. This allows fast, as soon as possible to build houses from lumber under the key. These qualities laminated board shall have due to the peculiarities production. It is made from different woods, most often made from spruce and pine. In some cases, house projects involve the use of beams of cedar wood and larch. It has excellent characteristics, but leads to higher prices and so expensive material. At the first stage of the logs sawn into boards. They are much easier to dry than a log, because moisture material obtained minimal. After drying, the boards are exempt from defects (knots and damage), flame retardants and other impregnations and planed to the desired setting purity. Then, from the so prepared slats glued timber. When gluing wood fibers are set in opposite directions. Thus, the special strength is achieved. Glued laminated timber is not subject to deformation, also has good sound insulation qualities. After phase bonding on the machines with high precision beam to give the necessary profile and size. Projects of houses from timber developed under each profile of the material. Manufacturers use different construction joints. The simpler of the compounds "Thorn-groove" should then be compacted insulation. In complex designs precision manufacturing is so high that the elements fit together very tightly. Walls are not blown, do not miss the cold, and moisture. Standard home from glued beams are erected from timber size 150h180 mm. Houses made of beams laminated very durable and reliable. Their main disadvantage – the high price.


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