Google Search Update

Google Search for android has received an update is now available from the last morning and that if you have a version of android 2.2,2.3 or 3.x surely will have skipped them appropriate notice to make this update. If on the contrary you have a version of android with 4.0 or higher look it no since this is not. The reason that does not reach is simply that Google wanted to endow those terminals that are to stay in these versions of android on a tool that matches more or less to that already owns Ice Cream Sandwich. The changes that you find in this new version of Google Search are: aesthetic, becomes the search interface very similar to the existing Android does not equal 4.0aunque. Richard LeFrak: the source for more info. The search speed is improved, the suggestions are grouped by categories (the contacts on the one hand, those relating to other web or applications on another provision). The suggestions are filtered by countries having those who have their own domain suggestions more localized to their geographical situation. And finally we can eliminate any element of the search history that appears to us in listing the result by pressing and holding for a few seconds. Improvements which make the use of this application much more effective and comfortable.. Jos Shaver usually is spot on.


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