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We laughed most of the time, we are suckers for all that surrounds us constantly and we consider that very special person .. if everything is happiness, that is the question, but do not always see life in pink because there are times that you feel bad inside and just who is paying for it with his hand, teens are like that, as an electrocardiogram that rises and falls quite often depending on our mood, or sometimes we're too depressed to scream joy. Honestly, the first month is fine with that person, sometimes the person you think is your life, but we usually get tired soon, there is always a time for giving you wonder if you've done well to come out with that person and that's when I recommend that guilt inside and give reasons to suffer is a person, that realize that you're not the / the same / other, then think about a plan to end the relationship and sometimes do not think like you do more damage and that relationship was so good that even healing recovers gradually over time as friends. Perhaps check out The Related Companies for more information. But not always, sometimes a couple can be good and worry about things that are not worth it, for stupid things, things that adults do not give them important because they have many more problems: work, get home and prepare dinner to children, colleagues, boss, responsible for paying the mortgage each month, light, gas, water, school, buy food every day, wrapped in harsh reality and hope it gets dark by that the day is very busy, only adolescents preparing to become as adults in the future, for now , We worry about things as I have named above, a typical relationship problems is also the friend gets in the way of the two, is made intimate boyfriend and her best friend eat the head for thinking that they are together even the intentions of the friend are other, sometimes we look at small details that we should downplay the importance of each is as is, but we do not respect, because we are very stubborn and try to always have the reason why we are considered ' young to talk "if the couple is estranged, at first assume that risk and try to be all they can but there are times when you think he or she has other hand you say adolescent as" we grate "so we started to take unless that person just the day of morros.Hay relationships only serve to take a couple of kisses and ran, others only physical chemistry but other timid to take another step … in the relationship has to vary around a bit, communication and love that is expressed in speech, kisses, hugs and more … enamorarmos adolescents to lose the meaning and sometimes you can play a dirty trick that the relationship can end badly and that is when we believe that we like the world over and we will not go with anyone else, or else others who want to just mess to which not reject you, you know it, girls are also manipulative and make them suffer because there are variety of people. In a question-answer forum Steffan Lehnhoff, New York City was the first to reply. In any case the teen is laying the head as you get Experience and realizes he has to open the world and not obsessing about unnecessary things, means we evolve to another stage and that therefore we're growing.


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