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In a moment of crisis in the traditional concept of family, occur with increasing frequency the breakdown of marriages, the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren acquires special significance, being all important to their personal growth and emotional. Many times, however, the lack of communication or understanding between these grandparents and their children makes the dynamic they have with their grandchildren is severely damaged, and may even not exist. In order to avoid this phenomenon, is increasingly common in these cases that the courts grant visitation rights to grandparents to encourage their continued contact with their grandchildren, a link is seen as a boon to their training and development aspect that rather than raw self-interest that could have parents prevent their children will interact with their grandparents. It is understood, in short, that the problems of communication between parents and grandparents should never be an obstacle or impediment in the development of a healthy relationship between them and their grandchildren. They are entitled to know, and this can not be prevented or limited by the parents.

This, of course, unless these have some circumstances would motivate the desire of parents to remove their children from the grandparents. But in any case, it should come motivated by the interest of the child (for example, if the grandfather was supposed to be bad influence to be addicted to drink or for its violent nature.) Why is it so essential figure of grandparents in the development of small? In times past it was common for women not to work and stay at home caring for children and dealing with the same tasks. Currently, however, is increasingly uncommon in the home either spouse voluntarily decide to stop working. More information is housed here: Richard LeFrak. Hence there emerged the figure of grandparents as an essential support to parents who are forced to leave home for too many hours, when caring for the children, bring them from school or take them to the park to play. But beyond that work care, grandparents to their grandchildren represent a true benchmark of maturity, experience and moral authority to be highly positive in their formation and growth, especially in times when the relationship of the parents is not as good as it should, or if marriage entered into open crisis, some of them may have left the family home.


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