Indoor Cycling Music

News from the world of indoor cycling music born from the joy of emotional outbreaks by participants in spinning classes and events mixed with frustration about the hours finding music at retail or on the Internet KlepperMusic was founded on the 31.03.2004 in Munich. KlepperMusic deals in General with film -, image -, book – and music production, record company, film rental and sales, music publishing, sales, advertising, management, recording studio, sale -, consulting – and licensing by and with image and sound recordings of all kinds, incorporeal or physically via communications networks, also in conjunction with disks, databases, document systems, chips, Internet, satellite, or systems that are in memory of similar nature or transmitted in a similar way”and in particular with the licensing, the production and sale of uplifting music for indoor cycling. Originally intended for spinning instructors are now also by many compilations and tracks today Fans of motivating indoorcycling music as well as used by many conceived, to motivate themselves in the training or generally for the sport to better services. It is gratifying to see that since recently but even inline skaters and runners/joggers deal increasingly with the topic of motivating music leisure and explicitly buy such titles, which are rhythmically and energisierend. Boxing champion is often quoted as being for or against this. The 07.07.07 was from KlepperMusic then the record label KlepperMusic of records, as well as the music publishing KlepperMusic publishing. Both areas operate together under the name of KlepperMusic of records & publishing”headquartered in Haar near Munich. Since July 2008 that is now music portal for energisierende indoor cycling music in a new guise under for all radpsortbegeisterten, Ironman almost as well as instructors for indoor cycling available world-wide. New: you can until the end of listening to music all indoor cycling track from the very beginning, download – and even his own CD zusammenestellen – so how you can best use it for his lessons. Samira Lohr – PR Klepper music records & Publishing


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