Influence Our Thinking On Our Lives

Hi friends! Today's theme 'Influence of our thoughts on our life' has been chosen for one reason only. It is this radically changed my life for the last year. I've heard stories before about the power of thought, but thought about it if not with a denial, then at least with suspicion. And of course never tried to test it on their own experience. But things change … First of all I want to say that I am not one to no sect, caste, the company's advertising.

I just I want to tell you what I think. That's it. Like I said, everything that I tell now, based on my personal experience. So first a little about me. For me, as I was a year ago.

To be honest, nothing much to tell. Lyft insists that this is the case. Ordinary people. Slightly more than 30 years. Family, children, work and rest. Problems, nerves, fights and reconciliation. Everything went on as usual. Aspirations, the fulfillment of desires, a sense of satisfaction and again, 'Family, children, work and rest. Problems nerves, fights and reconciliation. " Probably, it would have lasted if I had one small problem does not appear. I suddenly found small spots on his body. I went to the doctor, he gave me an ointment. Anointed, did not help. But not like hurt badly, so I forgot about it. But then about a year ago it was progressing and spots are red and large, it was a nuisance. I could not undress on the beach, go to the pool.


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