Johanna Ancke

A wonderful novel about love – and a totalitarian system which born 1938 lives author Johanna Ancke, in Dresden, capital of Saxony. She is happily married and mother of three children. At the beginning of the new millennium, she met an older duos on the Elbe meadows. The incredible love that linked these two, was not to be overlooked. This affection was still at a high age. A friendship developed from an initial conversation.

And Mr Dupont told his love story, which sounded so incredibly, Johanna Ancke had to bring them to paper. Dresden, 1965. In the beautiful city on the Elbe River, an international medical Congress meets with participants from all over the world. Also Mr. Dupont, a respected doctor from Paris, takes part therein.

Here in the East, the doctor finds his great love – Karolina, a woman from the GDR. Her parents live in a villa on the white stag, a posh suburb high above the Elbe slopes. Everything could be so beautiful, but Karolina lives in a State of it up to the task made to spy on its citizens as if they were enemies in his own country. Even if the Romance on the phone listening to the STASI with. With this dictatorial State, this DDR, so nothing for “Class enemies” such as Mr Dupont left. The autobiographical novel tells the true love story of two people from the time of the wild of East. He also tells the true story of two people, seemed not to treat those the system DDR their love, and it did, to stop this unwanted liaison.


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