Long-Burning Stoves

So let's talk about the long burning stoves. Manufacturers of long burning stoves such as 'Termofr' produces a line of furnaces and other Butakova or furnace Baleryan – argue that these furnaces in the mode of long burning or else it is called gasification mode, can burn from 7 to 12 hours for one clutch. But is this true? Many have doubts on this score. How is it that you can only pair of tabs a day to keep the room warm. In fact, actually it's true and false. Why? – You ask. Let's try to understand this in stages.

Firstly: gasification mode does allow firewood to smolder for a long time in the oven. The question is by how much? If you have a long oven combustion is properly installed with all the features of your home, and you clearly understand how to adjust the damper for this mode, you secured performance long burning 12.7 hours. Wood must be dry – it very important condition. Because if you have the raw wood, they can not ignite at all. Or do you dress up to give them a flare up not in the mode of decay, and in an open fire, as in a conventional stove.

But then if you miss the point dry wood, they can burn in just one hour. Second: If you have dry wood, then you should close the ash pit (in the furnace is Butakova ash pan) and the damper. The flap with all that data in furnaces and cut still missing in smoke chimney at 25%.


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