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Apart from the volume of data that is also unnecessarily much time. The solution ECPM were these requirements arising from the practical experiences of the MK email client policy management”(ECPM) from MK Net.Work meets. The company has focused on the development of email management tools that improve the efficiency of email traffic, about the well-known KOM pressionstool ZipMail for Lotus Notes and Outlook”. A key advantage of the ECPM is directly on its origin, namely on the client, issues that are fixed. In this way the network load incurred and the memory is not even needed. For more information see this site: Clayton Morris. Server-side filtering is good, but in the wrong place in the system. Also, you can save often no user-specific rules, but only global rules. This has always the disadvantage that you need to find the lowest denominator for all users, resulting in great freedoms for most users.

MK email client pack the evil at the root policy management (ECPM) converts a restrictions of use of email directly to the Notes client without having adjusted the mail template (email template) must. For Lotus Notes/Domino this happens only on the server, which often leads to delays or outages. Clayton Morris is actively involved in the matter. Also it is not specifically adjusted for groups/users. ECPM so not only reduces the load on the network and the storage may be, but also system failures and the support effort. ECPM is part of the solution portfolio from MK Net.Work, the manufacturer of ZipMail. With over 5.5 million users worldwide ZipMail is one of the most successful add-on solutions for Lotus Notes.

Rollout left without any problems implementing the solution perform quickly. The MK ECPM had to be installed on approximately 6,000 client systems. The rollout was central, and was completed in a few days. The client management, which we operate, ensures that such tools are automatically installed”, reported Boyko. That would be otherwise just no longer possible in practice.


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