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Interface between offline and online media is often hidden from Dusseldorf/Hamburg/Bonn – companies underestimate the potential and impact of cross-media media and marketing management sales industry according to a report of the magazine. Professor Nils comes to this conclusion Andres from the Macromedia University of applied sciences in Hamburg. Andres surveyed more than 1,200 consumers to advertising memories and Kaufbereitschaften in a panel study. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from adverum. Many marketing campaigns pass straight at the new media in the interest of consumers. In our research, we have found that consumers still uploading advertising in traditional media feel addressed. Often be interested consumers in online media, but presents the same content and contextual and further information and functions”, explains the expert to distribution management. Especially when the present majority of consumers encounter rejection this dealing with the online media and significantly reduce the willingness to buy. y Florance. Andres observed in his “Research not only inappropriate content: our studies have shown that companies primarily focus their marketing content to a range of media”, the scientist explained another problem.

The professional management of the interface between online and offline media will simply disappear in most cases. As a result, Andres sees that suffers not only the effectiveness of our marketing activities. Media budgets could be relieved in his opinion by a professional cross-media management up to 30 percent or more effectively distributed. For planners of marketing activities and advertising campaigns using interactive and cross-media campaigns is a must, to bind customers to increase consumer acceptance and identification with a brand”, says Renatus Zilles, CEO next ID, in the run-up to the Dusseldorf exhibition and Congress OMD, which covers key trends in digital marketing from 17 to 18 September 2008. The potential of the dialogue is often not enough exhausted. Many campaigns will focus initially generating brand contacts, addresses and opt-ins, instead of the ball to absorb and to enter into direct and interactive dialogue with the customer”, criticized Bonn Zilles value-added services expert compared to the magazine of NeueNachricht.

At this point, the telephone contact could play out its strengths. A truly integrated and cross-media campaign should take into account therefore whatever the voice channel.


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