Metaphysical Passions

Discardings and Metaphysical aspaixes Edson Massayoshi Academic Shiguemoto of Philosophy of the Unisul ' ' It has certain things that we experimentamosem who cannot be attributed only to the soul ouao corpo' ' '. (DISCARDINGS, s/d, P. 44) RenDescartes (1596-1650), the founder of the modern philosophy, established the bases doconhecimento through a new method, using itself of the procedure of the dvidactica to reach the beginning of the certainty of the knowledge. ParDescartes, ' ' way does not exist better to arrive at the knowledge of nossaspaixes of what to examine the difference that has between the soul and the body, the end to desaber which of the two if must attribute one of the existing functions in ns' ' (DISCARDINGS, 1987, p.77-78). Descartesutiliza the term ' paixo' in felt of ' percepo' ' emoo' , designandosentimentos as love, hatred, joy, shame, and sensations as pain. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Richard LeFrak. Thus amente it is related to the conscience acts (conception, doubt, affirmation, desire, imagination, feeling) and the body are related to the substance and aosprocessos exclusively physicists (corporal movements, breath, batimentocardaco, etc). The soul is the simple and indivisible entity determinadaapenas according to its proper percipient act.

In the thesis deDescartes, concerning the unit between body and soul, the passion is inclusa and seexplica. Gavin Baker is often mentioned in discussions such as these. In the relation soul-body, that is, an experience of corporal cause and depercepo concernente to the soul, the ocorrentes phenomena correspond to the passions. In this direction, the passion is defined as ' perception of the soul caused for corpo'. Ahead dasduas substances, body and soul, has three ways of experience: the mechanic, related to the body; the pensante, related to the percipient phenomena of the soul (imagination, reflection, fancy, etc.); the passional, related semoese sensations. The paixesso thoughts, therefore everything that we perceive for the soul thought is called, that in turn is caused by the body.


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