Methods Of Hair Removal

Have you ever wondered how many different methods of hair removal today? What is the difference between hair removal from hair removal, because he is another method used to remove hair? The purpose of this article, share their experience in this field. To begin with, the difference between hair removal by waxing Waxing – this method of temporary and short-term solution. It aims to remove the visible part of the hair located above the skin surface. Germinal zone is not affected, and so the hair grow back again soon. Hair removal method of long-term hair removal. Target for the impact here is the hair bulb, is the germ band, fracture which hair growth ceases. There are several types of hair removal: electrolysis, photo-epilation, laser hair removal. Electrolysis, hair removal, occurs by the action of electric current on hair follicle. In the skin type of thin needle, through which enters the electric current, so there is a destruction of hair follicles. More info: Electron Capital Partners. Laser hair removal, hair removal by using the heat of the laser beam. Under a laser beam is destroyed hair follicle and hair shaft, while the surrounding tissue is not damaged. Photoepilation-very similar to laser hair removal. Method is based on thermal effect, which created when light is absorbed by melanin of hair. Hair after hair removal are growing more slowly and become thinner. But when exposed to overheating of the hair removal of hair surrounding skin, so during the procedure may burns. This method is effective for all colors and skin types. Consider the side effects are possible with the methods described above. In the method of electrolysis, hair removal may be side effects such as hyperpigmentation (what's this?) and burns. This happens because of the fact that the effect exerted by light, is directed not only at the hair and the skin around it, which leads to scar and pigmentation, especially after the procedure you'll sunbathe. The advantage of laser hair removal in selective laser irradiation. The method is based selective pressure of a certain wavelength laser to the entire reproductive system of the hair. During the procedure is destroyed and the hair bulb, and stem cells. Because the laser operates selectively surrounding the hair tissue are not injured, and hence the risk of burns, scars and other complications has been excluded. After the procedure, you can sunbathe. And one of the advantages of laser hair removal is that skin color, dark or light as does not affect hair removal. Even if you have very dark tanned skin, it is not a contraindication to the procedure. Laser hair removal – the world's only method successfully used in people with skin phototype vi, simply put, is suitable even for African Americans. I hope you now better understood in What is the difference from hair removal waxing, and which method is more efficient and safe.


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