National Development Plan

Taiwan’s Council for economic planning and development (EDPS) Unveils national development plan 2014 Taiwan’s economic growth and per capita GDP will rise is expected this year to 3.2% and respectively US $21.520, with an unemployment rate to 4.1% and the increase in the consumer price index by 2%. “These forecasts were made with regard to conditions and developments at home and abroad,” said an official of the EDPS. “All relevant agencies need to implement efforts to appropriate measures and ensure that the objectives are achieved.” According to the plan, which late last year was suggested by the EDPS, the local economy will be revived and structural reforms implemented to promote peace in the Taiwan Strait, global reach, good governance, infrastructure, quality of education, social justice and sustainable development for Taiwan. As regards the global reach of Taiwan, will contribute the country to international humanitarian relief efforts and increase its visibility through the creation of cultural centers all over the world and the development of unique tourist attractions. An important part of this concept extends to trade relations. How, for example, the accelerated implementation of the free trade pilot zones as a way to draw additional investment by foreign companies and overseas Taiwanese operating in the country. Equally important are efforts to fight corruption on the part of the Government, as well as the respect of human rights and legal protection. (ca).


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