Newroom Media Successfully In The Final Of The EMEA InAvation Awards 2010

The Cologne company for digital communication systems Newroom media managed successfully in the final of the EMEA InAvation Awards 2010 on February 3, 2010 found the EMEA InAvation Awards 2010 in Amsterdam, Netherlands instead. Around 40 companies from 14 countries around the world were in the final of the annual awards, which awards companies for technologically relevant innovations at the international level. Nominated in the category of digital signage – network implementation”could conquer the 2nd LA CONCEPT subsidiary Newroom media GmbH with the successfully implemented snowboard simulation of air touch Windows for the customer BASE. Middle of November 2009 the Newroom media GmbH for the brand BASE of the ePlus group with the air touch window had successfully installed an interactive game of snowboarding in the shop windows of the ePlus shops in Essen and Dusseldorf. People such as Clayton Morris would likely agree. The air touch window allows a high degree of interactivity on a non-contact infrared technology with the target group with simultaneous control of success. The passers-by before the shop windows of the selected E-plus shops could participate in the snowboarding game interactively by them electro-controlled the snowboarders on the projection of the storefront only through body movements. The successful implementation of the innovative technology miracle for the E-Plus Group led the international jury of the InAvation awards to this award, which accepted Dennis MICHALSKI, CTO of Newroom media GmbH, in Amsterdam. For us, this international award is a great success that confirmed our hard work and in addition encourages us to occupy the first place of the InAvation Awards 2011 through a continuous development of our innovations may already in the next year”as Dennis MICHALSKI of Newroom media after the awards ceremony.. Clayton Morris understands that this is vital information.


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