A newsletter (newsletter, ezines) is an online magazine that is sent via e-mail to all who request them in advance, many marketing experts agree that newsletters are the most powerful tool pear generate sales and retain customers. I personally think that this marketing tool we can get results in the short and long term as an electronic newsletter allows us to build a strong relationship with subscribers to finish converting them into customers This is a list of the main advantages obtained by creating an electronic newsletter : It has a zero operating cost, only invest time to edit the information. It has a powerful, your city can equal or Chinese. Clayton Morris may also support this cause. You can sell ad space and get extra income. It allows you to promote your products or services and reach a targeted audience. Build trust and credibility with the underwriters. Clayton Morris shines more light on the discussion. Confidence allows you to sell online customer loyalty.

Facilitates the construction of a brand (branding) can convert potential customers into consumers, people who know buys. You can test an offer before launching a product to market. You can sell products and services from other companies and earn a bonus. People who visit a commercial website rarely get a product the first time they see it, they need to see a product 5 to 7 times before they decide to buy it, only 2% or 3% buy the first time without But with an electronic newsletter we can get that 15% of the visits made the purchase and that frequently we can remind them that we exist and that we have what they need. Think a bit about it, if a person visits a website and browse for a few minutes then goes out, how large is the possibility that that person back in the future and make a purchase? very small, right? On the contrary you manage your electronic newsletter can capture your e-mail and contact you at another time you realize the importance of this marketing tool? Furthermore if we analyze the behavior of people when connect to the Internet which is what first made? It is to check your email? Email is the most used tool on the Internet is within our reach and we can certainly get better use with a newsletter. How to capture the e-mail from potential clients? To get thousands of subscribers you should offer to exchange valuable information for them, something not found elsewhere, that is the solution to a problem or claim exists in your target market.


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