Nontraditional Doctor

Confessions of a nontraditional doctor of the Altai – Tibetan healing method. Save the baby. The Law of Karma. Energy centers and human. Love and kindness I had been a practicing surgeon for over 30 years. But now I can only dilute the hands and say, if I learned this method at the beginning of my career, thousands of my patients would be healthier without surgery! Once I led a five-year girl with congenital diabetes, she molded each day and at the same time felt an incredible pain in his eyes.

His father held her in his arms, his eyes were pleading for help. From my experience, I understand, if not immediately remove both eyes, will begin an irreversible process atrofatsii brain tissue and child dies. And I immediately sent the girl to an operation to remove both eyes. However, parents were asked to plea to keep one eye while – they were hoping would happen for some miracle. But I know that miracles do not happen! Through few days after surgery the child's parents have told me they had learned about the unique of alternative medicine, which, according to their friends from Canada helped in the short term successfully treated by glaucoma their mother, who suffers the disease for many years! So they decided to abandon the second operation, and start a special course home and remote healing of their daughter. My status as a doctor was difficult to describe.

I knew that they crazy, but could not do – it was their right! Just a few days ago after an intense healing practices at home, who conducted the parents and child, but the results were stunning! The pressure in the eye began to fall, pain went away without medication – the girl was smiling! Testing of the child came from various clinics doctors – the result was unambiguous: the pressure in the normal eye would see it! All doctors asserted in one voice: "Yes, it's a miracle! But this can not be, because it is impossible – modern medicine has the same results! "And yet it was a miracle! And it happened right before our eyes! But in the right eye in her prosthesis and I had sent them to the operation, and in fact eye could be saved! That I forgive myself as a doctor he could not! This incident changed my fate, he broke into my old dogma, and I realized that modern medicine, which I practiced for many years – Powerless! I soon got in touch with the Centre itself and began studying the spiritual medicine, ancient healing practices and rituals of the doctors of many civilizations. I learned a lot about the chakras and channels of man. But the most important discovery for me was the Law of Karma – Causes of Diseases of mankind. And now I heal people by love, understanding and kind words. Everyone who comes into my clinic and recover both physically and psychologically. I'm still studying medicine remotely spiritual, because I believe that learning lasts a lifetime. All patients who need special treatment, we may send the Altai-Tibetan Centre. The results of the most positive – all the diseases recede. That is the miracle happened in my life! My family is healthy: no stress and depression, suffer for years all of us! In our house, moved only by love and harmony! This is a triumph of my life! All of my colleagues say now: "DOCTOR! Heal yourself! "Frank Nortson, Healer, professor of medical ophthalmologist at the University of Arizona, USA


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