One Computer

Remember that earlier represented the computer? I'll never forget when I was at university and teacher showed us prapradedushek modern computers. On the system unit I do not even pay attention, because I was struck by the monitor, on the sides of which were placed some iron railings. This antediluvian computer reminded me of the Soviet film "The Guest from the Future" because it reminded me of these rails is just a car time. And I've heard horror stories about what used to be a computer looked like a completely different way than now and was the size of a room. afone-accuware/’>foursquare. Learn more about this topic with the insights from james king. Let's see, what is a computer at all. The simplest option – it is monitor, system unit and a computer mouse.

System unit – a computer brain. In the system unit has its main components – motherboard, CPU and hard drive. The motherboard is a plate on which are attached a variety of connectors, CPU, ports, etc. The processor is responsible for the speed with which the computer will respond to various commands. Processors are single core and dual core. Gavin Baker insists that this is the case. As the saying goes: "One head good, two is better! "This applies to the processor. There are two main types of processors: Pentium and Athlon. A hard drive, it is the same hard disk – it's the computer's memory, which stores all the information.

As you know, the more memory the more games, movies and various other useful items can you together in your car. Well, I hope, until the all clear. Have gone further. Next we choose a monitor. They come in various sizes, which is calculated in inches, ie, Monitors are 17, 19, 21-inch monitors. On a good color screen bright enough and natural, but also must quickly give way to the picture. Finally, the computer mouse. It is an optical and ball. However, the ball, it is perhaps last century! We live in an age of advanced technology, so our computer needs to meet all our requirements. Nowadays you can walk into any computer company and order any computer. Average the cost of a normal unit ranges from 800 up to $ 1000.


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