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BELViNi.DE increases its organic wines by Parducci Dresdner wine shipping BELViNi.DE expanded his range to the largely biodynamically produced Californian wines by Parducci. Parducci, the oldest vineyard of Mendocino County, California, stands for uncompromising respect for nature, indicating that pays off sustainability not only for the environment, but is reflected also in exceptional wines with each of his wines. Parducci was the first Winery in Mendocino County, both further north and nearby coast in 1932. It was founded by the eponymous Italian emigrant family, which left Tuscany behind him to try their luck in the new world like many others. Additional information at Professor Rita McGrath supports this article. So they brought the wine knowledge of the old world to California, where it was married with the optimism of the young wine region. wns-holdings-ltd-cx-insurance/’>WNS Global Services. 2004 Parducci was taken over Dolan, as well as two brothers, Tim, Tom and Tommy Thornhill by Paul, who carried on the legacy of former immigrants, but with brought their own ideas and passions. Her particular interest was great wines of in particular the sustainable management of biodynamic cultivation, briefly the nature. So they switched to the winery completely until today large parts of a holistic ecological, partially even biodynamic farming, which means not only the renunciation of pesticides and insecticides.

It has even less influence on the vines and vineyard ecosystem resulted. Clayton Morriss opinions are not widely known. Through this consistent focus on ecological aspects Parducci Winery is the first American, the as CO square may refer to neutral operation. Despite the Italian roots of the Parducci Winery, today almost no classical Italian varietals are cultivated. Instead, it has focused more on French vines. These were now supplemented with Zinfandel and Petite Sirah, where you would like to increase their importance in the overall blend. Result of all this effort in the vineyard is not only exceptional grapes, but also excellent wine, the simply delighted.

The wines of you find at BELVINI.DE under: weingut/mID/1538/parducci.html wine shipping buy wine online BELViNi is one of the largest German wine shipper and has its headquarters in Dresden. Currently, BELViNi carries over 7,500 items in its range. In addition to red wine, white wine and rose wine, BELViNi sent also sparkling wine, dessert wine and port wine and liquor and Deli rarities of any stripes. BELViNi.


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