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Mother’s day action at personal voucher with a twist for 4,49 EUR Berlin (05.05.2009) – one to smile rewarded all those who present their Mamas with a unique voucher from one to smile with a credit from the 2.50 euro. The gift card in the large-format is a very personal way to say thank you. She can deliver directly to MOM, if a personal presenting is not possible. A smart idea for 4.49 euros instead 6,99 Euro. Included on the title page in a beautiful motif is the name or nickname of the mother; “” “” “” there are no limits to the creativity in the choice of name: Mama Heike “, you’re the best” thank you MOM, MOM’s tip”, Super MOM”, hug for MOM”.

Just try and choose between four beautiful designs. Fold the card, located on the right side three special voucher coupons, which can be filled individually, such as: gift voucher foru0085 u0085 “” 10 kisses”, 3 x wash, 1 x ice cream eat”, 1 x baking cake”, a visit to the Zoo, once the favorite Italian food go. The left side offers space for personal greetings to the MOM. Everyone creates his personal communications to further give as a gift or as direct delivery on his MOM in this way. When ordering to including Thursday, may 7, 12: 00, the gift card will be shipped in time for mother’s day. Can all of the Live Preview on immediately try and vary. So everyone created his personal communications to continue giving. Those looking for something special not only for mother’s day, is. At the heart of the gift is always the recipient, because the buyer determine what name is on the product.


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