Property Contracts

To contract my friend must present original documents of title to the apartment. Pass documents must all parties to the transaction, or their representatives by proxy. Case associated with a gift after the marriage, mother of one girl who once asked me about two years ago bought an apartment. Now going to marry. The girl's question about the possibility of at the apartment of the future husband of her mother and the possibility of her mother without the consent of the husband's gift certificate to give to his daughter. Easy: since apartment was acquired before the marriage, the mother of our girl may, without the consent of the spouse safely dispose of the flat. But if on the day of his mother's death to her apartment will be owned, the husband, along with other heirs of the first stage, has the right to inherit the apartment. In this case, the mother can arrange a testament to his daughter.

The history of donating to a third party Nikolai Stepanovich owns an apartment and wants to give her third party. What should I do it in such a case? Where, how to register the contract and how much to pay the donee? How long will this complex process of registration of the transaction? The question of a simple, but requiring a large number of registration actions. First, Nikolai Stepanovich must execute the contract of donation. Need to do this by a notary. Then the contract is registered in the registration service.


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