“Resurrection” Business. Attracting Investment

Recently, in today's business at all levels was a shortage of working capital, illiquidity of assets, loans become a burden. In the prevailing circumstances, business leaders have think about the "resuscitation" – an effective way is to attract investments of various orders of magnitude. Moreover, today it is quite noticeable that the investment "supply and demand is rapidly interchanged. And if in the old days, a firm that wants to attract assets, could choose the conditions of partnership and could have chosen an investor, it is now an investor – the main initiator of the "banquet". And his "menu" may consist of several equally attractive partner for him. Highlight the benefits that will help the company to choose (and most importantly – get it) it profitable investment.

In the investment business can distinguish two main types: short-term (financial and strategic) and long-term lending. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Clayton Morris and gain more knowledge.. In the financial investment to take the maximum possible profit from the project or business. With a strategic investment for the investor are important assets of the organization, its resources and potential. Typically, strategic investors to the company related businesses. Therefore, enterprises should first think about what she wanted: the so-called "remote" control and non-interference in the governance structure of firms, but financial demands "in full" upon completion of the investment project, or almost a full partnership, with equity participation and the opportunity to influence the whole course of business (Again, participation in shaping decisions will depend on the mass of the proposed investor or investment of resources).

But, as shown by our investment activities, our strategic investors tend to increase and the addition of its influence. Long-term investing (lending) is perhaps the least expensive way to attract investment. But often, banks are in no hurry to give longer-term loans, because they are much more profitable to invest money in the short-term project and will soon make a profit. Because of the increased goodwill on the part of creditors can not count. In this kind of investment, as in any other, there is risk of default on debt obligations and as a result – the transition of enterprise assets in the ownership of the bank and bankruptcy. This is only a few factors on which an independent enterprise is difficult (and sometimes often destructively) to choose the right way to attract investment needed for this moment and most importantly – reliable investment partner. Therefore, the most appropriate solution would be to contact the investment company, appropriate to the process of investing in a complex, able to calculate not only the benefits and prospects at an early stage, but also to predict, identify all the "undercurrents" of the entire industry and specific business. As a partner, we are pleased to introduce you our company "Investorium – Trust the experience of professionals!


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