Risk Life Insurance

Pay data, facts – brief and concise! With term life insurance is a pure death protection is used to protect nationals in the event of death of the insured. Here, there is not a savings service for the Endowment, as for example, when a capital binding life insurance. A risk life insurance is particularly important if you have children. Thus, they are covered, if something should happen to one of the parents. Also to protect the partner with high credit, for example, when real estate financing, this insurance is suitable. This insurance is just as important when survivors have only minimal pensions.

The price differences in risk life insurance are very high. The policyholder is still very young and healthy, is non-smoking and exerts no dangerous hobby, the hedging costs very little. At an under-30s who meets these criteria is a hedge of 150,000 euro and a duration up to the age of 65, with the cheapest provider annual fee, see 200 euro. With increasing age, the annual dues go up accordingly. Dangerous hobbies and smoking increase the contribution. Due to the different life expectancy of smokers and non-smokers, increased the contribution to smokers by the higher risk of death. The insurance premiums are often far more than twice as high. But also the duration of insurance affects the level of contributions.

The longer the contract runs, the higher the premium. As the life expectancy of women is higher and a lower risk of death at a young age, less insurance costs them. Before conclusion of the contract, some information must be made for the insurance company because they, before she set a contribution, as accurately as possible want to estimate the respective risk. In addition to the consumption of nicotine and risky hobbies, insurance companies want information about size and weight. Already overweight increases according to the post because of the higher risk. Risk premiums can also during the Contract period fall away. Can a better health condition is to be proved by a medical certificate, many insurers reduce the surplus. It involves particularly high sums insured, the insurance companies require a medical opinion before it comes to a conclusion of the contract. The report forms the basis for the decision whether the customer will be accepted and how high his post fails. The insurance sum in risk life insurance is optional.


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