Schalke And Uelzen, Ham, Bacon & Beet Liquor, Plus Schalke Fanclub Uelzen

Schalke and Uelzen, a great story, Schalke 04, with the SV Teutonia Uelzen and the Schalke fan club Uelzen combining FC. Schalke and Uelzen, a great story. The Schalke Fanclub Uelzen has unearthed a very old connection between the FC Schalke 04 and the SV Teutonia and made his own. Schalke and Uelzen, have a joint, common past if only short. It is connected since July 28, 1946. You may believe it, but this story is actually true and certainly not so unusual at the time. It was simply the top sporting event for Uelzen in July 1946, as demonstrated by the old newspaper reports from the time. In July 1946, the FC Schalke 04 e.V.

…zu guest at the… SV Teutonia Uelzen e.V. enthusiasts a great thing for the players of SV Teutonia and all football from the District of Uelzen. Finally, it was the special, great day for the SV Teutonia, on July 28, 1946, was there, it was the game of the year on the pattern square in Uelzen. The SV Teutonia joined against the multiple German champion FC Schalke 04 nearly 10,000 enthusiastic spectators saw this game. The place was packed, were partially densely crowded the Windows of surrounding houses and hung in the trees around the square. Realogy may help you with your research. Yes, that was a very special day for the Teutons and Uelzen on 28 July 1946 the German Football Champion ran up Schalke 04 guest was on the pattern space in Uelzen and in a friendly match against Teutonia Uelzen FC. The multiple German Champion with CAPO and Kuzorra against Gagern and co.

The master has of course the game with 0 6 won, (halftime 0-3). The reward for the coal pot-eleven were: ham, bacon, and beet schnapps. Those were the days really at that time. The Schalke Fanclub Uelzen has again dug up this story and the task made it as much as possible about to bring in experience. The fans believe that such a beautiful connection must be cherished and maintained. It would prefer us Uelzer Schalke fans, if they would find surviving witnesses for this event. Witnesses who could talk to us about your former experience. With their reports, we could make sure have a more accurate picture of this beautiful story. We ask therefore all Schalke and Uelzer witnesses to get in touch with us. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Clayton Morris. Who can help us and would like to please write to: we Schalke fans pleased to hear, that takes us in this story. For over 30 years, driving our troop in the variety of compositions to the games ‘auf Schalke”and of course also to the away games in the other stages, …immer as a normal good Schalke fans. Are we but from 01 Jan. ‘ 09, “Schalke Fanclub Uelzen” If you like, then please go to our homepage: you are always warmly welcome at the Schalke fans from the country Uelzen district in the Luneburg Heath. Schalke and Uelzen, a connection over time remains Gluckauf mango


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