The Big Night Of German Schlagers

The big night of the German Schlager on July 24, 2010 in Rieden-Kreuth it is one of the most breathtaking pop nights, the South of Germany has seen for a long time. In the upper Palatine Rieden-Kreuth in Amberg, the upper class of the German Schlager elite gathered at July 24, 2010. The organizers have come up with something special and where not any artists, but the creme de la creme of the scene. Dazzling names such as Nicole, Helene Fischer, Bernhard Brink, Brunner & Brunner are confirmed. In addition, also co-stars in the East Bavaria Hall will occur with Oliver Lukas, Nik Holland and SIS. Helene Fischer, the resplendent star in the entire pop firmament, their rise is unprecedented. With youthful, effervescent energy and at the same time great earnestness, Helene Fischer was always new, sparkling highlights and enchanted audiences and professionals alike. Nicole – a name which stands at the highest level for more than two decades of German Schlager like nobody’s business.

She is also in Rieden-Kreuth stand on the stage. Their song “a little peace” went around the world in 1982. As the only German representative Prix won you the Grand Eurovision de la chanson. At that time, at the same time, it was the start of a great career. Seventeen times ranked Nicole first the ZDF hit parade and is until today the record holder. Moreover, it is both owner of “ECHO” in the category “Best pop singer”, as well as the ‘Golden pop band”.

A Titan of pop will be Bernhard Brink this evening. Pop Titan is not only the title of his current album, but also more accurate title for Bernhard Brink as a person. He also is one of the greats in the pop industry and is practically synonymous with this style of music. For three decades, he thrilled his fans all over the Republic. His unbroken dynamics and resistance characterized him like no other. More superstars will be this evening in East Bavaria Hall Brunner & Brunner. The name of Brunner & Brunner without question is a trademark for many years in the German entertainment industry. They are giants of the scene. Million-selling albums, countless Golden tuning forks, hits without end. The two brothers received for her album “I love you” and others in Austria the gold record. It awaits visitors in any case a such high-calibre collection of artists that you might meet so rarely in this form. Be there when the curtain goes up in Rieden-Kreuth for “The big night of the German Schlager”. Source: Timo Hofmann X 78 management agency all info under: cards at all CTS eventim outlets date: 24.07.2010, Rieden-Kreuth, Eastern Bavaria Hall


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