The Fangs Of The Tiger

The fangs of the Tiger a friend, quoting Hamlet, made reference to the famous phrase: be or not to be that is the question, in one of the articles exposed in the book notes of a publicist which is copyright. The quoted phrase has deeply moved me from my youth and has been since then a great incentive in both my professional training in various activities that I’ve been able to develop throughout an intense and rewarding life. Or may not be, here’s the question, which is being or not being the man? a lived experience with my eldest daughter in his time as a university student, I remember we were watching our dog’s behaviour and evaluating their multiple skills and at any given time I expressed him my daughter with admiration, how it was possible that the animal knew to do so many things and she naturally answered me, Papa the knows, but does not know that he knows. That was the question the noble animal could make many things but I didn’t know that I knew, the was a dog, is he behaved like a dog but didn’t know that it was a dog. This awareness of being, is exclusive condition of human beings, man is conscious of being, which is not to say that all humans agree on the same definition of what we really feel that we are, we say that the great tragedy of our human condition is the constant search for an answer that satisfies the questions that we acicatean as sharp dartsto feel, think, reason and act. Still not have been able to answer us questions such as: where did I come from?, quien soy,? where do I go? questions relating to being, we are only flesh and bones that inevitably must be consumed and disappear, and that of the spirit, the soul, values, feelings, as the poet says the eternal dream was born on the wings of the everlasting light that rips the veil of formless and traverses time urdiendo incessant models of being.


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