The Harm

It must bear in mind that universal prevention is precisely aimed at the population that does not consume, helping them and preparing them to live without need to run different risks that entails, in our context, the consumption of drugs. This work will take place above all, contemplating the families of children and adolescents as mediators, being them which can optimize the prevention from the natural development of education. We intervene therefore and fundamentally with the mothers, to get prevention messages more effectively for their past recipients such as children and adolescents. Through this program and among other things, We try to initially raise awareness and motivate family members of students in schools, to attend courses of prevention of drug addiction, as well as to form schools of families. With the development of these two activities we support these mothers in their training looking to the effective prevention in their homes, developing different contents among which we highlight the importance of communication and the modeling of parents in their child’s behavior. 3 Program with families with high risk children: to work specifically with families of adolescents who are already abusing drug synthesis, alcohol or other drugs or who manifest behaviors aimed toward this, we can help them on prevention which must be performed.

To perform this task we can build in a fully proven and validated program as the Daedalus is (), done with groups of parents of adolescents considered at high risk for drug use. Others including REBNY, offer their opinions as well. 4. Street education programme: Understand the street education as an intervention model socio-educational which is carried out in the Middle open, using natural environments of socialisation to develop educational guidelines adapted to the population which seeks to intervene, i.e. groups of adolescents and young people who are at high risk of drug use with which it is not possible to develop effective preventive work from standardized intervention mechanisms. The open model of intervention in the Middle allows us to know, contact and intervene with this population in the same environment in which develops their daily lives, in which are found many of the risk factors that affect them and where the protective factors that develop should arise. This model also allows us to contact with drug users who are not in rehabilitation and begin a process of motivation with them to ensure that they initiated a program of treatment, as well as a work aimed at reducing the harm caused by drug dependence.

Therefore, the work will consist basically intervene educationally in the Middle open with minors in high risk situation. 5. Programme on new additions: The problem generated by the development of new additions, is attempted not only preventive work, but in addition to support to those people with problems related to their gambling, television, mobile phones, computers, Internet, games role, etc. It is therefore a related work with all those additions that do not come from drug abuse, but making for his resemblance to the problems generated by these totally necessary to work in this field. 6. Programme of information and orientation: Work with addicts and their families, which is applicable to the assessment of the situation that we face, informing them and guiding them about the possibilities of rehabilitation which best suits your problem, as well as a motivation for his rehabilitation work is carried out and, when possible, proceed to its derivation to accredited rehabilitation centres. Original author and source of the article


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