The Loving

Today the poet meets with nineteen years, sonhador, romantic as always and without having had the pleasure to love somebody of truth. Its closer friends and poets as it, discovering that the same still he was virgin, had decided it to presentear something unusual: a program girl and the apartment of one of them so that the poet discovered for the first time the celestial and infernais pleasures that the sex can propitiate a mortal poor person. Others who may share this opinion include Century 21. the poet, exactly a little shy, drank of the clice of this new adventure, going for the first time in all its life of meeting to a feminine body, being able hugs it, to fondle its hair same at the moments of full beastly fury human being and, also to kiss it as if it was its accompanying Real, its new Monalisa The poet grew, more learned a little on the true one felt of the life (if it is that a sensible one really exists true), however, it continues in its perpetual search for a new passion, somebody that it can share its better moments, as its first love not corresponded. Still shy, it does not obtain to find namorada and its life today is summarized in studying, working, to make poetries (already it obtained to edit its first book) and to leave with girls of programs. Lately a girl who works in a small bar in the center of the city and makes programs in the vacant hours, is starting to make its head.

Since the first time that it accepted to leave with the poet without charging nothing, something of special appeared enters the two as a magician pass. For the poet, one is about the first woman whom, exactly being prostitute, nothing it charged to leave with it, being sufficiently affectionate and considerate in its loving meeting. For it, a true romantic and educated, completely different gentleman of its customers who arrive during the night in its workstation, and contracts its loving services. They say that love in the heart of a prostitute does not exist, however the loving poet and its new seem made use to oppose this theory. To the few it gets rid itself of its nocturnal customers to be to the side of that she obtains to give to affection and attention to it and the poet is conscientious of this. After all of accounts, for who she never knows what it is a corresponded love, this is a special moment of its life that, if to depend on its will, this flame never will go to erase itself enters the two during all the eternity. to the few the girl forgets its past, while the poet contemplates a promising future, to the side of that one day can repay its purer feelings.


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