The Subconscious

"No, I do not want me to have had the disease" – you say. Or "I never wanted it to happened to me this trouble." You think so, because I do not understand how this principle. For example, you're terribly tired at work you all tired, there is no free minutes. And you're heart says: "As I got sick of it all, so you want to relax!". The subconscious mind accepts your desire for her and decides to give you rest. You "accidentally" catches a cold, and with a clear conscience can afford to relax.

So, what is needed to determine the cause of your illness? To do this you need to display information about the illness from the subconscious to the conscious. One need only ask ourselves: "Why do I need this disease? What I want to say that my body? "And listen closely to him. The answer may come immediately or appear in the next few days. But it will appear. The answer is inside each person. If you do not get or do not want to receive a reply, it means you are comfortable to date with your disease and you do not want to change anything.

If you are not yet fully understood how to deal with your subconscious mind, in this case is wonderful exercise, proper execution of which can save you from any illness. Sit or lie down in a comfortable place for you. Relax. Can close your eyes. Think about what you concerned. Now ask a question your subconscious mind: Why do you experience this disease. How to ask the subconscious? And just as you ask anyone. Just ask a question. The first thought that comes to you in head is the answer subconscious. Remember the answer. The answer need not be one. Now set the subconscious mind the following question: Why do I need this disease, and I want to say to yourself this disease. Next question: What I need to do to get rid of this disease? Do not worry about the fact that you never communicated with his subconscious. This exercise is obtained from any and all people. And this action is not even necessarily called communication with the subconscious. Can you name it, for example, "communication with the internal other." In fact, you already know why you had happened this disease and how you can get rid of it. You just need to wish find out this information, and it you just opened. Do you want to entirely give up medicine, you ask? No, it does not need to do this. But contact a doctor and take pills to be only when urgently needed assistance and a positive attitude and work on yourself you do not instantly change (bleeding, fracture, emergency surgery). But it is necessary after the crisis to work on their thoughts on their own, understand why you are having this situation. After all, nothing happens by accident. For even more details, read what lyft says on the issue. Every unpleasant incident, accident, injury, even a scratch reflect what is your wrong thoughts and deeds. And referring to the doctors and not changing your mind, you are preparing the ground for another of the unpleasant event. Therefore, take care of your health, love yourself and your body, and you will always be full of health and energy.


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