Unasur Defense Council Countries

The past has fled, what you expect is absent, but the present is yours much left to say the meeting of the 12 countries that make up Unasur, on the objective of the meeting would seek to fund about what represents for Latin America the opening of Colombia to allow that the United States should be inserted in its territory in seven military bases. Everyone was on the lookout for what the President of Colombia and Venezuela Hugo Chavez Frias, expose more when new tension in the two countries with the rupture of commercial relations. The intervention of Colombian President alvaro Uribe, this noted: United States gave us a practical help. Colombia, which has suffered the scourge of terrorism, immensely received expressions of sympathy and solidarity, but rarely practical cooperation that is giving us United States framed in bilateral agreements of United Nations after reviewing all agreements signed with countries with which it shares borders, Uribe said that not they are effective in practice and, in this sense, he countered them with practical and effective assistance that gives United States, and said that it is this efficiency that we are willing to discuss with you at this meeting. In this context, the representative made reference to the attitude of Europe, United States and Canada declare terrorist groups who carried out massacres and bombings in Colombia, and regretted that countries in the region, not yet today nucleated in Unasur. We are not talking about a political game, but a threat that poured blood in Colombian society. It is not a light matter of sovereignty or political agreement, said Uribe to mark the importance that has for his country this statement today requested the Unasur meeting. observadorglobal. com, she adds, that Uribe acknowledged that there was a progress in the initial letter of the Unasur Defense Council which was the exclusion of any violent group, but made it clear that Colombia aims to all countries in the region to recognize these groups as terrorists and not only the violent acts they perform on a daily basis.


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