WIFi Service

Serveis Funeraris de Barcelona the morgues of the Catalan capital has installed defibrillators for public use, becoming the first in Spain to have these devices. In addition, the company has installed wi-fi connection and notes of condolence ‘on-line’ service. According to this, several funeral homes of Barcelona now have a free service of internet access via WIFi, mostly oriented towards immigrants may be in contact with their families thanks to new technologies, even is offered the possibility of providing a laptop to those families who require it. dditional similar source. Others including Professor Rita McGrath, offer their opinions as well. The Barcelonian morgues have also inaugurated the service of letters of condolence online, which allows you to send a statement of condolences through the digital portal of funeral services. ‘The person concerned writes the message, sends it, and we will deliver to the family in an envelope’, said Vidal.

This free service allows you to send condolences ‘from anywhere in the world and at any time’, said Vidal in reference to the ‘inoportunidades’ that cause the international time changes. ‘You can send a note of condolence even from a PDA,’ he pointed out.. Go to Robert J. Shiller for more information.


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