SV Werder Bremen launches its corporate health management in Bremen, June 2012. Klaus-Dieter Fischer, President of the SV Werder Bremen, comes today in the tracksuit to work. As he trades his desk against the gym at the Weser Stadium, he replaced the Office Chair with an Ergometer. At his side is no Secretary, but a coach who regularly measure his heart rate and blood lactic acid content. Later, the Managing Director Klaus Allofs and Klaus Filbry and the directors of the Bremen Bundesliga in a seminar on stress management, exercise and healthy diet sitting with Fischer. The starting shot for the Green-whites, a staff project occupational health management is life-long moves as part of its social commitment of WERDER.

Healthy employees are more powerful and more satisfied, scientific studies have shown that for years. In May of this year, a published Roland Berger study showed that illness targeted occupational health management Reduces losses in companies by up to 40 percent. Who is sponsored by his company, also more identify themselves with its values and objectives, make less mistakes and keep high-quality work. That applies also for a professional football club as the SV Werder Bremen, explained Klaus Allofs: with our action, we will strengthen the team behind the team. Because ultimately our professionals. benefit from dynamic, innovative employees”to do” something for your own health, Klaus-Dieter Fischer adds, requires now much self-initiative. The Club President explains we want our employees support it”, decided to introduce with the AOK Bremen/Bremerhaven exercise activities for the staff. The measure is also part of the corporate social responsibility concept of the Association.

With our CSR brand WERDER moves for life we are committed for interests of society as a whole for example with regard to lifelong healthy for healthy Diet and plenty of exercise. If we want to do that credibly, we must start in the own company “, argues the President of the SV Werder Bremen. Added his colleague Managing Director Klaus Filbry: we are working to be one of the most attractive employers in Northern Germany. Operational health management 2016 is a spot in our strategy. Because only with good, efficient employees, Werder is successful in the future. “Every employee of the professional clubs in claim should take in the next few weeks what the CEO and directors are in these days, Klaus-Dieter Fischer wishes. He preceded by example: determine the most important values of blood by a doctor left the 71. The Hamburg-based health consultant padoc, the occupational health management on behalf of the AOK with the SV is implementing Werder Bremen, tests this workshop day in addition the physical fitness of the Club President. After the seminar on healthy eating, the last agenda of the day. Klaus-Dieter Fischer is sitting at an open window of the seminar room at the Weser Stadium and turns together an individual training plan. Before him lies a USB stick on which a physiotherapist has saved exercises, that he can make between two work steps in the Office: back workout at your desk, gym from the Office Chair. He will try in addition tomorrow equal to his other sporting activities, the Werder President promises while he packs his bags. SV Werder we have of course many sports-minded staff. “But I’m sure,” Fischer says, if the first follow-up appointment pending in half a year, we will realize that health awareness has solidified even more.”


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