Barcelona Rentals

The city councils of Barcelona, Logrono and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the regional Governments of La Rioja, Basque country and Catalonia are some of these entities. In Barcelona, people who come to the offices of housing and social services are not indigent or newly arrived immigrants, unemployed and self-employed people affected by the crisis. They have fired the numbers of requests, half paying rent or mortgage, and have made that the local and regional administration will pay attention. Ayuntamiento de Barcelona plans to increase 9 to 8 million euros this year heading to settle those accounts. The Government budgeted 500,000 in February and on Thursday approved an allocation of 1, 5 million more. In La Rioja, the regional government has included in its housing Plan of La Rioja 2009-2012 social aid for the rental of evicted families that will cover 50% of the rent they pay for two years and also grants to promoters who rent their empty underneath houses of 450 euros per month. For its part, the Town Hall of Logrono will help the unemployed who already do not have social benefits by unemployment to pay your rent or mortgage.

The initiative will start in June with a first call and a second in the last quarter of the year. The aid shall be granted to applicants who submit a position of greater need. These are the requirements required by the Town Hall of Logrono to grant aid: 1.-having lost the employment within the 18 months prior to the deadline for completion of provision of applications and benefits have been exhausted. 2 Be registered on the floor (12 months). 3. No revenues exceeding the 790 euros (150% of the public indicator of income of existing monthly Multiple effect, which is 527 euros). 4. Not to possess another dwelling. 5 Have the current tax and fiscal obligations.