Apartment Kitchens

Depending on the area of the apartment and the nature of the work in the kitchen there are the following of a kitchen: kitchen – separated by a space adjacent to the living room. Provided in flats and apartments with a small residential area. Kitchen – lab – a room intended as a kitchen corner, for cooking. Sometimes its interior allows the execution of other household chores. Area of more than 12 square meters allows dining corner for a meal. Kitchen-dining rooms are very popular as they allow to save power and time spent on meal service. When installing a kitchen table or buffet table should respect the basic requirements providing easy access and convenient consumption of food or beverages.

Table size depends on the number of people living in the apartment. In small apartments with limited space appropriate folding and sliding tables allowing to increase the area of the table. The kitchens of residential character work, and leisure intertwined. They can not only cook and eat, and relax, watch tv, listen to music, play games, do their hobby. Here you can arrange a work area for training in mental work. Layout of the kitchen line suggests that the basic typology of rules that make working in the kitchen more convenient. Mutual location of kitchen surfaces and equipment is not accidental, it corresponds to the sequence of individual operations of cooking. Proper arrangement of the workplace creates conditions for the work with least expenditure of energy, with the greatest possible economy of movement and steps.

Managing Director

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