Cortado Presents New Generation Of Cloud Printing

Free printing service for BlackBerry smartphones with comprehensive developer support Cortado is announcing a new cloud-computing solution for BlackBerry smartphones. Cortado workplace, which will be presented at the CeBIT, provides users of BlackBerry smartphones with free cloud printing features, online services and desktop functionality, such as remote-directory – and file management. The solution includes 1 GB free online storage that can be accessed with a BlackBerry smartphone and a desktop computer. “Our cloud printing technology is unique because there are no special requirements for printer and we support more than 6,000 different printer models,” so Dirk Lowenberg, Business Director CORTADO services. “With Cortado workplace customers demand can print immediately, whether at work, at home or on the road. And the free of charge.

Here you can print any Office document or image in its original format, in color or black and white, on an inkjet or laser printers.” Focus on developers an important goal in the development of Cortado’s cloud printing services was a platform that every BlackBerry developers can take advantage of. Support the standardized interface Java content handling API (CHAPI), can developers easily, quickly and with minimal cloud printing functionality in their applications. Documents to go support applications as first Cortado cloud printing, the CHAPI support, such as documents to go by DatViz, can take advantage of the Cortado print function from the very first day. By CHAPI, users, documents to can install on your BlackBerry smartphone go Premium Edition and Cortado workplace, print out documents that are created or edited with DatViz’ Office suite. “This is good news for all BlackBerry users.

With go Cortado’s printing services and documents to customers now have desktop computer features on their BlackBerry smartphones”, so Shari Hoffman, product manager documents to go by DatViz. Enterprise customers who use Cortado’s printing services in your company’s network want to upgrade to Cortado corporate server and build to their own cloud behind the firewall. Cortado workplace supports BlackBerry Smartphones from BlackBerry OS 4.2.1, like for example BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry storm, BlackBerry bold, or even BlackBerry tour, to cite just a few examples. Cortado workplace workplace is available at. This press release and press photo are available online and are available for download: press. Silke Kannayya public relations manager ThinPrint AG