Buying Real Estate

Safety rules for buying property when purchasing an apartment, house or land more vulnerable party is always a buyer. Not yet become the owner of the desired property, he pays the seller deposit and, as a rule, the entire amount of money. In this case the seller, having received money from the buyer, to an entry in the Unified State Register (Unified State Register of Rights), there is still the property owner. So, before you put your signature of the contract and give the money, you need to personally ensure that your property will not "cat in the bag." Buying a particular property is not always possible to contact directly with the owner of this object. In Basically, most transactions pass through their representatives, usually real estate agents who can keep silent about any circumstances, do not notice them, or simply do not know the "history" of the sold object. That, in turn, may cause the buyer to considerable material losses. Plot on the need to pay attention to acquiring the land.

Regardless of the purpose of land (garden, IZHD, LPH, etc.) to commit transaction is necessary to collect the documents specified in the law. This certificate of ownership or contract of indefinite lifetime use (with right of survivorship) and the like, the documents on which the granted land plot cadastral cadastral extract or passport. If the plot was formed not so long ago – land management file, a decision on the provision of land or an extract from The household book. Buyer to should first figure out how to put land on the cadastral registration: declaratively or geodesic. If a cadastral registration of land placed declaratively, in the future this may lead to violate the rights of land users. Often there are legal disputes when the owners of adjacent plots of registered declaratively, without permission to increase its own plot at the expense of neighboring.


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