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Where you gave up supporting interior walls, to let a ceiling-same steel beams to support the ceiling. Through the entire thickness of the outer walls, a 28 cm thick non-flammable rock wool insulation was used. The low heat transfer coefficient of 0.09 W / m K corresponds to the passive house standard. The manufacturer GAPP let underpin his future-oriented building concept through a fire safety advice and exceeds the requirements of the legislator in all respects. Of course energy saving objects of ZimmerMeisterHaus meet the criteria of a particularly energy-efficient construction: this is no coincidence. The renewable resource wood provides a solid foundation for the sustainable buildings of the future. The energy plus concept of Manufactory GAPP with passive house compatible building envelope and photovoltaic rooftop Panel clearly exceeds even the strict requirements of the KFW-Bank for the Energieeinsparverordnung 40. Only a very low residual energy requirement is required for heating the apartments. This provides a highly efficient geothermal heat pump, the the photovoltaic system installed on the roof provides free electricity for the heat pump. So the future residents year after year completely save the usual costs for heating and domestic hot water preparation. Compared to conventionally built homes m is an energy cost savings of about 800 in the year the trend-setting energy plus buildings at a size of apartment of approx. 90 m. And not only that: the current surplus of around 25,000 kWh/a is fed into the public grid, the owners get rewarded the supply it continuously. Feel comfortable in the natural building material beneficial life in wood House is expressed in security. Visible permanent wood-concrete composite floors are one of the secrets that provide for the comfort in the wooden building in Ehingen. The pleasant climate is immediately perceptible and tangible. By its nature-related moisture-regulating properties, wood controls the living environment like self ideal well-being. Wood is good for simply”it brings Walter Carpenter Maier on the point. We build houses out of wood for decades and are thrilled to be able to transfer our knowledge and our solutions now available in the multi-storey residential building.” With all the additional benefits is also not significantly more expensive than a conventional House.” Background Zimmermeisterhaus manufactures: ZimmerMeisterHaus is an Association of nationwide 85 wood construction manufactures. The Group of selected companies for innovation and top service in timber construction is 25 years. Members enjoy each other through intensive exchange of experience and professional training and offer its customers comprehensive expertise – always up to date. For 5 years, the Group also intensively engaged in the further development of multi-storey wood housing, supplemented by a professional exchange with the wood construction experts of Switzerland. Regional independently realize the ZimmerMeisterHaus manufactures annually more than 1,500 building projects in the field of construction, cultivation/increase and object construction. There is more information under. author: Eva Mittner


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